VINES – VFX Short Film + Behind the Scenes + Breakdown

In Summer 2018, Sören Schulz and I released a VFX heavy short film. We made it partly to promote my 3D printed jewellery, but mostly to simply create something beautiful.

At that time I was using Cinema 4D and After Effects for most of my VFX-Work.

You can watch it here:


We have also written extensive behind-the-scenes articles. You can find articles about the pre-production and filming, the editing and color grading and last a long post about the VFX and 3D animations. Especially the third article about the VFX goes in-depth and is almost a full tutorial. It covers everything, from Motion Tracking to Rendering and all the little and big problems we encountered. All of the articles are available in English and German.

For now, my own blog will be written in English, but if there ever is the need to localize it into German, I can do it.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment sections on the videos or here.

The VFX-Breakdown:


The Behind-the-Scenes Videos:

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