3D printed silver bracelet with dog paw
3d printed golden bronze tree necklace pendant
3d printed gold bronze leaves ring with fall, nature or autum theme

From time to time, I enjoy creating something that I can touch in the real world.

3D printed jewelry, is a great way to turn your ideas and 3D models into real life objects.

These are some of my designs. Click on the images to find out more or contact me at

Certain sizes or custom designs can be made as well.

You can read more about me and my designs in this interview here.


Watch the promotional short film for my nature-themed designs, to get a feeling for these pieces:

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Organic designs specifically created for 3D printing assure details in the jewelry not possible with traditional means. The designs range from geometric shapes based on Mayan culture to vines and flowers that wrap around your finger.

Each piece of the 3D printed jewelry is custom made and can be created in a variety of materials like gold, silver, bronze, or stainless steel.

Different finishes are available, too. Some of these are high-gloss-polished, matte, brushed, or coated with 18K rose-gold.