Fusion “Change Strings” Script – Batch Change Names, Expressions, Filepaths

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Current Version:

ChangeStrings 1.1 Dropbox Download

Legacy Versions:

ChangeStrings 1.0 Dropbox Download


ChangeStrings 1.1 (01.07.2020)

  • Change Strings now supports DaVinci Resolve’s Fusion Page (thanks Bryan Ray)
  • It automatically detects if it was opened in Fusion Standalone or DaVinci Resolve and changes its behavior to properly work in the corresponding software.
  • Added the possibility to save the Inputs globally (Fusion Standalone only)
  • Added a new “?” for this new setting
    • Updated the manual accordingly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Script to work when more Search for Inputs than Replace with Inputs were available

ChangeStrings 1.0 (29.06.2020)

  • The first (sort of) Open Beta release of ChangeStrings. (Fusion Standalone only)

Console Messages

Change Strings likes to communicate, this is why you will quickly fill your console with messages from it. Through it, you can exactly see how Change Strings sees the world/strings.

Besides telling you about the current Pattern Breaker and Max Replace Limit, Change Strings will also tell you which node, expression, or filepath it changes and how. Through the console messages you will be able to tell exactly where a Pattern Breaker was placed and if it stopped because it couldn’t find the pattern anymore or because it reached the Max Replace Limit.

Without these many console messages, I wouldn’t have been able to debug the code and I also find it quite interesting to see what it does. But I also understand that this many console messages can be annoying. Once I have cleaned up the code and consolidated the search and replace operations into a single function, I will try to make the console messages optional. You might be surprised to learn that a checkbox is already integrated into the Advanced Settings. It’s just invisible and doesn’t do anything, yet.


Thank you for being interested in my script Change Strings. If you’ve come to this page without seeing the manual, then I highly recommend reading it to understand how Change Strings works.

All future updates will be logged on this page and I will make sure that previous versions are available as well.

I don’t know of any composition breaking issues, but of course, use at your own risk. If you do experience issues, try closing and opening the composition again.

This script was successfully tested in:

  • Fusion Standalone 16.2
  • Fusion Standalone 9
  • DaVinci Resolve 16.2

But please tell me of any issues or suggestions you have so I can improve the script.

How to report bugs

Please message me if you run into bugs or inconsistencies. For suggestions, you can use the comments under this post. Actual bug reports would be great as an email.

These things would be helpful to know:

  • Which version of Fusion
  • What did you try to replace?
  • What happened? (Crash? Unsuccessful replacement? Endless loop?)
  • For critical bugs: Can you copy and paste the console messages in an email?

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