Free Brush Pack for Affinity, Quixel Mixer, Fusion and more

When I started to test out Quixel Mixer, I quickly realized, the available brushes are too few. I often needed a brush with more texture, drips, and character. This is why I created my own brushes to use in Quixel Mixer. But since many other Applications can use image-based brushes, I decided to make the whole brush pack available to download for free.

This brush pack does not have a particular topic or theme, they are simply a collection of brushes that I felt I needed inside of Quixel Mixer. And I was also able to utilize them in Fusion for my video about the Quixel Mixer custom brushes.

I know that these brushes work in Quixel Mixer, Affinity Photo, and Blackmagic Fusion. There are many other applications that can utilize image-based brushes so feel free to try out your software of choice.

There are two version of these 10 brushes. One with black background suited for Quixel Mixer, for example. And then there are the same 10 brushes on transparent background. Perfect for Fusion or Affinity Photo.

If you want to learn how to create your own brushes and import them into Quixel Mixer then click here.

And the same is available for Fusion by clicking here.

You can use these brushes for all of your projects. You don’t have to credit me (although it would be nice). Just don’t redistribute them by selling them or by claiming you were the author of these.

Download (Dropbox download)

These Brushes are specifically suited for Quixel Mixer (or texture painting in general) as they were all created with texture painting in mind. You can use the Hexagons to quickly create Sci-fi details, or the Scorch Marks for partial rust, burned cracks and much more.

They definitely helped me a lot already of taking the currently basic features (and brush presets) of Quixel Mixer to the next level. I hope they are as useful to you as they have been to me.

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